LiveTV Sport for Webmasters

How to stream sports on your website?

Live sporting events are very attractive to websites and you can get tons of traffic from them. But this is often difficult to implement at the initial stage of website development. Since this will require solving many problems, such as a streaming server, distributed content delivery, monitoring sports events and their schedule, staff costs, and so on. The streaming server must be reliable and have a large resource reserve in order to withstand the heavy load. You may also face other problems, such as malicious attacks on your website or streaming server.

You may also encounter streaming restrictions, or restrictions on the number of concurrent users.This often happens at large sporting events. When tests show that you your resources allow you to stream, but in reality the video slows down and lags and as a result you lose users.

To get rid of all these problems, we suggest you use our sporting events page in a frame.

What needs to be done for this

1. Choose the width of the frame for your page

This affects the look of your page. We recommend setting the frame width to 100 percent so that all events are visible. Users should see sports events in full width. If you set the width to less than 100 percent, users will have to scroll the frame horizontally.

2. Choose the height of the frame for your page

Also set the height of the frame to at least 800 pixels. The frame will likely have a large height and users will scroll vertically. This is fine, but you can increase the altitude to show more sporting events in the field of view.

3. Choose the language for the frame

You can choose the language for your frame. 12 languages are available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian and Serbian.

4. Insert the frame of our page into your website page

Insert a frame into your page, for this, set the selected parameters and insert the html code into your page.

Sample code

See How it will look